Cats or Dogs: What make the Best Emotional Support Animal?

Cats Vs. dogs is an age old debate that the pet lovers always seem to have. Just like many people love to have an active partner like a dog, many would love to have a quiet family member that loves to look after themselves. We are talking about cats.

However, something that is common between these two is that to keep either or any of them, you will need to obtain an ESA letter for housing. Other than this, the pet lovers prefer each of these animals duu to some very different reasons.

If you are still trying to decide which one would be the best choice for you then the following sections will help you decide easily.

Pros and Cons of Emotional Support Dogs

Dogs are usually the first choice for the people looking for an ESA. Some of the main reasons that make them a suitable emotional support animal are:

1. They are loyal and will not leave you this has been proved time and again. Once you have your dog to your side, they will not leave you8 in any case and you can depend on it completely.

2. Dogs are fun to have around. They are loving, caring and when they look at you with their adorable eyes, you cannot help but melt. Ask any dog owner, playing fetch with a dog could be a lot more enjoyable experience than hanging out with a friend.

3. Dogs are active and make perfect workout partners. Going for a walk or a jog? A hell yeah! Besides, all this physical activity will keep you fit and both physically and emotionally healthy.

Where there are so many pros of having a dog, some cons of getting it into the house are that they are very loud and not suitable for someone with quiet demeanor, they need daily exercise to stay healthy and some larger breeds are not suitable for apartments.

Pros and Cons of Emotional Support Cats

Just like dogs, cat owners also enjoy some great benefits of bringing their feline friend home. Some of the reasons to choose a cat as your emotional support animal include:

1. They are less demanding than a dog as they are very independent and could be left alone. In fact, cats are notorious for enjoying their personal quiet time.

2. Having a cat does not mean that you will have to get it to exercise. They are naturally lean and agile and requires minimal physical activity. Maybe a mild game of ball.

3. Cats are more โ€˜travelableโ€™ than dogs. Since they are small and all fur, they could easily curl up into a small ball, which needs less space. For flights, you can easily fit your cat into a cage.

Some cons of keeping a cat at home is that they are cold and take some time to warm up. If you want instant gratitude and love than a cat is not for you. They have more allergies to their credit than dogs and if you are a family with kids, you need to think carefully before taking the decision.

Moreover, a cat is not as social as a dog and if you want to socialize with your ESA then this is not going to happen in the case of cats and also before this you need a esa letter for housing.